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Gordon's Vision for the Future

Thu, 19th Aug 2021 9:17pm

Club Chairman Gordon Thomson informed the website of his plans as he assumed his new role at the club:-

“Before accepting the role of Chairman I presented to my colleagues on the Board my vision of what I wanted the position of Chair to be and the key objectives moving forward. I believe it is vital that this is shared more widely as it was unanimously supported by the Board prior to my appointment.

My vision as Chair would be:

For Clyde, to secure a base that enables the continued opportunity for revenues to grow year on year and work towards developing a playing budget that can support sustained success on the pitch. My role as chairman will be to lead the board, providing clear leadership and direction by effectively communicating on behalf of the club while ensuring the decisions of the board are fulfilled.
My primary role as Chair would be to oversee and achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve Corporate Governance
  • Support delivery of Strategic plan
  • Ensure greater involvement of owners
  • Improve Internal and External communication
  • Enhance support to the Football Department
  • Enhance support in delivery of operations

"This is not a job to be undertaken alone or to just involve the Board. I believe history shows that the best things that occur at our club are when the support is united and focussed and in many cases, the Board has a light touch. The match programme, website, podcast, fundraising activities, filming of matches, community football and foundation are just some of the things that have developed with a minimum of guidance but the maximum of effect as individuals with passion and skill deliver. To not give the opportunity to all to be involved basically means we are flying blind. The passion that supporters have shown and the support they have given to the club has been incredible. A key reason why I wanted to take the position was to ensure this passion and drive for the club is fully utilised. Not involving individuals to a greater degree is like owning a sports car and only driving it in third gear.

Therefore I would want to achieve the objectives with the following actions:

  • Establishment of 3 working groups in the areas of – Corporate Governance, Sustainability at Broadwood and Sustainability at an Alternative location. All will give the opportunity for owners to be involved.
  • Establishment of Owners Advisory Body that enables the board to discuss current plans and receive feedback from a wider cross section of owners
  • Enhancing the internal/external communications plan including robust reporting protocols for Board members in order to ensure the continued development of the strategic plan

"In the near future, we will announce the process for owners to apply to become involved in the advisory body and each of the working groups. I will also provide more detail on each group’s specific aims so that together we can shape the future. Progress is rarely a straight line and there will be challenges. Utilising the skills, experience and knowledge of the support, and ensuring all are updated on the work and challenges we face, is I believe the best way to achieve our goal. We have to be a team on and off the park. As your chairman I will work hard to support this approach and I hope I have your support as we move forward.
"I trust this is helpful and provides you with an understanding of how I believe the role of chairperson should be undertaken and how our club has to develop to move forward."

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