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Season Tickets

Wed, 29th Apr 2020 8:28pm

Nobody will have failed to notice that most season ticket holders (including Executive Club seasons) will not have had the opportunity to use their full book of vouchers for the 2019-20 campaign, in relation to the cancelled final four home matches. It might not be top of supporters’ priorities at the moment, but the club has been reviewing what the options are in relation to the outstanding portion.

The club is not in the position to offer a refund on what amounts to around £12,000 of tickets. We did look at this as a possibility. We can see far enough forward in our cashflow projections to identify that not only could cash run out before a new season starts, it will certainly not see us through a full season and any additional negative impact now will have repercussions later.

We feel duty bound to offer every season ticket holder up to four vouchers to be used in the forthcoming season and we will make arrangements to do so on individual requests received before 28th May. We are however asking that supporters waive this where they can.

We have been asked about season ticket arrangements for the forthcoming season. At this point we are not clear when a season might start, what League we will be playing in, how many matches we might have, or even whether supporters will be able to attend. All of this means that we are making significant assumptions on our finances and one of the factors we cannot resolve just yet is what a season ticket offer might look like in such volatile circumstances. We are looking at options and have had some suggestions from supporters which will be fed into the review.

As always, your support for the club is appreciated.

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