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Danny Respects Suspension Move

Sun, 15th Mar 2020 2:34pm

Danny Lennon has issued a short message, following the suspension of all Scottish football, due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Clyde manager said:-

"We respect the decision that has been made to suspend matches on the basis of safety grounds.

"Health and safety must come first on all occasions. We hope and pray that this virus pandemic will pass quickly with a low impact on the population, based on the swift actions of the decision makers in our country.

"We will keep the players ticking over with training as usual and perhaps use any Saturdays we are not playing for a bounce game amongst our own players, to keep them match fit. No one knows how long this suspension will be in place, but we will keep ourselves ready to play, for when the go ahead is given.

"In the meantime, my thoughts go to everyone connected with the club. Please follow all the advice given, stay safe and take care."

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