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Stirling Albion 2 v 3 Clyde

Stirling Albion v Clyde

Match Type: Scottish League Two

Venue: Forthbank Stadium

Date: Saturday, 9th September 2017

Kick Off: 3:00pm

Attendance: 865

Referee: C Steven


Stirling Albion Clyde
(11) MacDonald Goodwillie (41)
(60) Morrison Burbidge (47)
  Cuddihy (79)


Stirling Albion   Clyde
Binnie 1 Currie
McGeachie 2 Breslin Yellow Card
(79) Hamilton 3 Stewart
McNeil 4 McNiff
Yellow Card R Smith 5 Munro Yellow Card
(59) Black 6 Cuddihy
Morrison 7 Burbidge (70)
Yellow Card Caddis 8 Wright
MacDonald 9 Nicoll (88) Yellow Card
D Smith 10 Goodwillie
(59) Kavanagh 11 Ramsay Yellow Card
(79) Noble S1 Bradley
Foden GK Morrison
(59) Robertson S2 Home
Davidson S3 Lamont (70)
McMullan S4 Lowdon
Cameron S5 Miller (88)
(59) McLaughlin S6 Osadolor
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